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When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your new bathroom, we know what’s right for your individual needs. It goes without saying that carpets and wooden flooring is not appropriate for the bathroom, as both these materials can be easily damaged by water and will only cause problems in the future. 

For the most practical and stylish type of bathroom flooring, our experts can help those in and around London find the perfect fit.

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Our bathroom flooring service includes:

Expert Advice

With so many types of flooring to choose from, we understand that it can be difficult to make the right choice based on your budget. This is why our bathroom flooring experts can offer you expert advice while you plan your bathroom to get the best results possible. 

Choosing the right flooring

When it comes to choosing the right type of flooring for your bathroom, there are several options to consider. 

First you must consider the fittings in your bathroom, for example a wetroom will require a strong and water resistant material to cover the entire floor, but if you have a separate bath and shower space then the flooring options might be a little more flexible

Efficient Service

Rest assured that our team has years of experience laying bathroom floors, and they’ll be there to help you choose the right type of flooring every step of the way. Our team will be there to advise during the consultation stage through to the installation stage, with open communication throughout.

Seamless Experience

Once you have decided which type of flooring you would like to use, you can leave the rest to us. We will turn up and bring all the appropriate materials and tools needed to complete the works with us, you don’t even have to remain in the property for the duration of the works if you have other commitments.

Removal Of Old Flooring

No matter what type of flooring is currently in your bathroom or proposed bathroom space, we will be able to remove this and discard the old material when we leave. Our team will fully prep the floor ready for the new material to be laid down to ensure the best quality finish possible.

Bathroom Flooring FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend solid, durable materials for your bathroom that are water resistant and will not be affected by the humid, steamy environment. Materials such as porcelain, stone and ceramic are ideal for most bathrooms, but other materials are available. 

The cost of replacing a bathroom floor will vary depending on the type of material used and the quantity needed. We will be able to offer a quote for your new bathroom floor during the initial consultation. 

Yes, we would recommend having a different type of flooring in your bathroom compared to the rest of your home so that it is suitable for the damp environment in your bathroom. 

Changing the flooring in your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a team of experts behind you, your bathroom floor could be refreshed in just a few weeks. For details on pricing, please contact us to get a quote.