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The kitchen is arguably the most important space in your home. The right aesthetic design of your kitchen creates the perfect mood for your friends and family to bond over a meal. 

Our kitchen specialists will design and fit a kitchen that matches your taste and makes the most out of the space you have. We are the top kitchen fitters in London for our straightforward process. We start by laying out the Kitchen Design, source the materials from our reliable supply network, then professionally install or remodel your kitchen. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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safaa ismail
safaa ismail
Dave was very professional and wonderful person to have around the house for the kitchen instalment. He's resourceful, patient and hard working and pays attention to details. Everything is done the right way and to a great standard. We would highly recommend him and the team at Kitchen Fitters London!
Jovani Miguel
Jovani Miguel
Great to deal with and very considerate. We had a full bathroom renovated to a magnificant standard. Highly recommended.
Marcia Cohen
Marcia Cohen
Redesigned and remodelled our bathroom which was 10 years old. Steve the designer smashed it and then the team did an equally fantastic job on the remodel!
Leo Campbell
Leo Campbell
Can't thank Chris and his team enough. He did a wonderful job installing our kitchen. We had the electrics redone for a new lighting system, new flooring, a marble worktop installed and new cabinates. Very well done 👏
Amy Turner
Amy Turner
From start to finish these guys were spot on. We had floor tiling done and a kitchen island installed. It all looks perfect and we can't wait to use it over christmas!
Naseem Wakil
Naseem Wakil
10/10 for our kitchen rennovation!
Stephen Nichol
Stephen Nichol
Easily one of the best construction companies I've worked with. They did a great job on both of our properties. We needed a full bathroom refurbishment doing for both properties and a kitchen fitted for one of them. Excellent work throughout from the team at KFL!
Michael Becker
Michael Becker
Would always recommend Kitchen Fitters London after the new en suite bathroom they installed for us. Fantastic job thanks guys!
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller
After being given a rather difficult brief of making a relatively small kitchen work within the confines of a very large and elegant flat. KFL did not push back or struggle with the design. They provided us with the exact breakdown on how it should be achieved, and then got to work. The fitters and painter were also a delight and the project was very well managed.
Mridul Sharma
Mridul Sharma
10/10-Truely great work on our kitchen!


No matter how big or small, give us a call. We carry out all types of work for all types of clients.


With inevitable spills, pours and traffic, your kitchen floor goes through a lot therefore quality matters. Our flooring specialists will install a kitchen floor that not only stands out but is also functional enough to handle the daily rigours of the kitchen floor. We have an array of materials such as wood, vinyl and laminate; all with different colours and designs.


All of our electrical work is complete to the correct NIECEIC standards. Our team is highly qualified and able carry out any electrical work which is asked of them. London properties always come with unique and different elements, which often require innovative electrical work, but our electricians are yet to come across a problem they can't sort.


Whether you are looking for a small scale remodel or a complete remake of your kitchen, Kitchen Fitters London has got you covered. From the layout design to the fittings, we completely transform your kitchen into one that looks and feels completely brand new.


From floor tiles to Backsplashes, our tiling specialists will fit your kitchen with beautiful tiles that accentuate all the other elements in your kitchen. We have different styles and designs from which to pick a scheme of your choice. Our tiles are made from materials that do not compromise the functionality of your kitchen.

Worktop Fitting

We install worktops derived from hardwearing materials and custom made to your kitchen. If you are looking to remodel, our worktop fitters do a professional job of replacing your current worktop with minimal damage and installing a new one.

Kitchen Design

A bespoke kitchen starts with the design. Our kitchen designers will work with you to create beautiful designs helping you maximize the space you have. We will help you select the right finishings made from the best materials and add glamour to your kitchen. Our designers will also enable you to establish a budget that works well for you.

Why Choose Us?

Vast Experience with homes – We have accrued over 15 years of demonstrable experience in Kitchen and Bathroom fitting in London.

Who we have working for us –  Digital Kitchen Designers, Kitchen Supervisors, Joiners, Carpenters, Plumber, Electricians, Tilers, Floor Layers and Plasterers.

Exquisite Design – Our Bathroom and kitchen designers have delivered the highest and finest standards of kitchen interior design in London. Our team can also bring out kitchen aesthetics while on a budget. 

Customer Care – We involve you in the entire process from the design to the final installation. No critical decisions are made without your go ahead and we work with you to come up with solutions to different situations. 

Locally Trusted – Don’t just take it from us, we have an immersive portfolio of the projects we have carried out and sentiments from our clients who can attest to our creativity and professionalism.

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If you would like to start your transformation towards the kitchen that inspires and uplifts you, then Kitchen Fitters London is the best kitchen fitters to get the job done. Regardless of the size of your house and budget, our dedicated team of professionals are ready to find creative solutions to give you the kitchen you have always dreamed of. 

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