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Londons Top Rated Worktop Fitters

We understand that worktops have many demands on them. From unpacking groceries to chopping and dicing, much is expected from these surfaces. 

This is why at Kitchen Fitters London we are committed to fitting your kitchen with a worktop derived from the best materials. While functionality is key, we do not neglect style, which is why the worktop materials we use have exciting designs and colours.

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1. Visit the property

We request visiting your property to get an up-close look at your kitchen. We will have a discussion to understand your needs better.

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2. Show Options

We will begin to show you a range of options and discuss budget. On a tight budget? Or maybe you are a hobbyist chef who needs a robust work surface to work from? Whatever it might be, we have you covered.


3. Work with designers

With our London kitchen designers, we go over appealing designs that blend in with the overall kitchen scheme and establish the materials of your choice.

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4. Start fitting your worktop

Finally we begin the fitting, depending on the size of job the time period can vary. But we always aim to have your worktop fitted and complete in fastest time possible with the highest degree of care.

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Londons Top Rated Worktop Fitters

All the worktop materials we use are sourced from our reputable kitchen fitting suppliers in London whom we have worked with since our inception. The materials have a variety of designs, shapes and colours which will leave you spoiled for choice on what to spruce up your kitchen with. Some of the popular materials we use are:


Laminate worktops comprise a wooden particle core board, wrapped in a decorative layer through heat and high pressure. A moisture and heat resistant coating is added on top to make the surface more hardwearing. The laminate materials we use at Kitchen Fitters London have protective oil which makes the material durable against the constant exposure to heat and moisture.


A wooden worktop gives your kitchen a timeless look and you could pair it with a hardwood kitchen floor for the extra vintage feel. The wood materials we use are derived from different species such as walnut, oak or iroko. We prefer to install hardwood materials varnished with tung oil and phenolic resin which penetrates the wood making it both waterproof and heat resistant. The finish also provides a smooth feel to your kitchen surface.


Granite worktops are one of the most durable kitchen worktop materials out there and they add pure class to your kitchen. Granite goes well with any kitchen style and adds luxury to more contemporary designs. While granite is naturally water-resistant, the granite we use at Kitchen Fitters London is polished to preserve the colour. Granite is also incredibly heat resistant.


Quartz is one of the core materials granite is derived but you can have a kitchen worktop made from quartz. The process involves compacting quartz crystals, resins and other pigments into large slabs to form the material. Quartz worktops are harder than granite and actually give granite hardness. However, granite is more heat resistant than quartz.


Glass Glass materials will give your kitchen a light and airy feel as they allow light to bounce across your kitchen. While glass can be a bit delicate and susceptible to cracks, breaks or chips, it is very heat resistant and does not stain easily compared to other materials. At Kitchen Fitters London we can source glass materials that have been tested for scratch-resistant properties.

Top london worktop fitters ready for you

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Worktop Fitting FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

It might not necessarily be the “best” but it has superior qualities such as long-lasting durability. Like any other material, it has its limitations such as being porous which makes it susceptible to stain but this can be mitigated by a good polish.

This depends on the scope of the project and the materials we will be fitting. Generally, we request a minimum of 4 hours to ensure we deliver quality.

For some materials like quartz and granites, yes for others like wood, no. The sharp edge can damage the worktop surface or the protective polish. If there is some leftover material, we can design a chopping board made from the same material as your worktop