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Kitchen Tiling

The kitchen tiles you use are important when it comes to sprucing up your kitchen. Whether they are used on the floor or walls, decorating your kitchen with beautiful tiles introduces colour and style essentially giving your kitchen life. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and you can be sure that Kitchen Fitters London has the expertise to fit your kitchen with and style and type you require. Want to get started on your dream kitchen? We cater for all budgets and requirements. So, feel free to contact us for a free quote today!
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Kitchen Tile Functionality

Other than aesthetics, tiles have another crucial role in your kitchen. Your kitchen floor is regularly exposed to pours and spillages from the constant cooking, eating and drinking that takes place. The tiles you choose should therefore be made from a material that can handle the heavy load whilst maintaining the aesthetic of your kitchen floor.


Planning is perhaps one of the most important bits when it comes to first time installations, remodels and renovations. This is why our professionals at Kitchen Fitters London request to have a look at your kitchen to assess the floor size as this makes the process faster. It also allows us to evaluate the right tile size and positioning which will save you from excessive spending during procurement. We also get to determine the right tile size to minimize cutting tiles, especially on awkward angles.

Our Materials

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Kitchen tiles come in a variety of colours & patterns, and shapes &sizes. Ultimately, the tile design you choose is dependent on your taste and what you find appealing.

Here are some of the materials you could use for your kitchen floor


It is not uncommon to find London Kitchen Tiles fitted with either ceramic or porcelain tiles. The reason for this is simple. These tiles are highly durable and have been used in most homes for years. As an improved version of ceramic, porcelain tiles are heavier and more hard-wearing. They are easily customizable therefore you have a wide range of beautiful designs and colours to choose from. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are low maintenance tiling options thus spills or pours can be wiped off using a mop. You should consider experienced tiling specialists when instaling either of these tiles as they require good handling and precise cutting.


Travertine is becoming increasingly popular in London Kitchens especially for homeowners who fancy a rustic or earthy look in their kitchens. These tiles have very unique patterns and they are now being considered high end. Travertine tiles are made from limestone and while they are not pricey, they require some maintenance and a waterproofing sealant needs to be applied from time to time. With proper care, travertine can sustain your kitchen for a lifetime.


If pure elegance is what you are after, then very few tiling materials if any come close to marble. Marble can make your kitchen ultra-luxurious and give it some character. This material can come in different colours and the stone can even be engraved. Marble tiles can be quite costly but if your budget allows, you will have beautiful yet durable tiles. It is important to get professional tiling experts otherwise chipping or breaking can occur during installation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers!

There is not much of a difference since porcelain tiles are an offshoot of ceramic tiles. Both are also made from clay. The major difference however is porcelain tiles are much stronger than ceramic tiles and can be used in most places around the house. Ceramic tiles work best in bathrooms.

It is important to fit kitchen tiles on a waterproof and firm foundation. Cement is therefore a good option even for kitchens in the second floor going up.

Having the right grout colour accentuates the tiles even better. We recommend choosing grout colours that match the kitchen tiles.