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All specialists at Kitchen Fitters London understand that construction, remodeling and home improvement, in general, are careful investments made by London homeowners

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All specialists at Kitchen Fitters London understand that construction, remodeling and home improvement, in general, are careful investments made by London homeowners. You can be assured that the materials used are high quality since we have solid partnerships with the most reputable kitchen suppliers in London and beyond. Our flooring professionals are well trained and they all have over 15 years worth of experience handling kitchen floors.

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Kitchens are busy spaces. They are a focal point of our homes where cooking, socializing through food and drink, and even work or study takes place. As such, choosing a flooring material that balances style, comfort and function is an integral outcome for Kitchen owners in London. Kitchens are generally wet spaces, therefore it’s also important to make sure your flooring should is durable enough to resist mold or mildew. Both style and practicality are top priority for us at London Kitchen Fitters.

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Ceramic Tiles

These are a time tested classic and are perhaps one of the best materials you could use for your kitchen floor. Ceramic tiles are shaped and glazed from natural clay which makes them impervious to water. The tiles are durable and can last a lifetime without any change in appearance unless an object drops causing a chip. You have a host of design options as they come in different colours, patterns, shapes and sizes. Floor heating can make the tiles more comfortable mitigating the winter cold.

Engineered Wood

Wood is an excellent kitchen flooring material for the texture and warmth it provides. Wood might be susceptible to water damage but new innovations such as Engineered Wood are very durable. Compared to solid wood, the durable top layer of engineered wood makes it resistant to water and moisture. However, if you prefer the aged and rugged look of original hardwood, our flooring professionals have got you covered.

Natural Stone

Natural stone gives your kitchen floor a unique and natural feel. The luxury it spells is for sure going to wow your guests and increase the value of your home. Stones such as marble, granite, travertine and sandstone are also very durable. While stone is not completely waterproof, sealing or applying a good stone sealer can mitigate this. The sealer however needs to be reapplied annually.


Vinyl is a much more affordable material compared to stone. Wood Plastic Composites or Stone Polymer Cores can give your kitchen superb waterproofing elements while retaining style. The biggest feature vinyl has is the ability to mimic stone or wood.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers!

This depends on factors such as budget and style but you have a host of options to pick from. There different materials such as Wood, Stone, Bamboo even Cork. The best material is therefore one that does not break the bank but you can still get a balance of aesthetic and functionality.
You could incur some extra costs for your kitchen flooring depending on the project scope. A remodel for example could involve removing old flooring. There are also costs in the sourcing and delivery of materials. To get an accurate estimate of everything, we come to your home to assess everything and collect measurements so you can save big time on unnecessary items.
Yes! Our flooring designers will help you select floor materials, colours and designs that perfectly match or accentuate the other features in your kitchen.

Yes. We can help you select a kitchen floor that is easy to clean and resistant to the demands of this high traffic area.