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Choosing the right shower fitting

There are several types of shower fittings available, depending on the type of bathroom you are looking to build. For smaller bathrooms, a simple shower head and shower screen may be enough, but for larger bathrooms a separate shower fitting and bathtub would be most suitable. 

We can offer:

You might be familiar with one of these in your current bathroom, but which is best for your new bathroom design?

Mixer Shower

This is the most conventional type of shower that you might find in most modern homes. The shower unit draws in water from the hot and cold sources and mixes them together, sending the water out of the shower head and the desired temperature selected on the device by the user. This type of shower is connected to the pipes which control the water to the entire bathroom and may be affected by the water usage from other fittings while running.

Electric Shower

This type of shower can be installed into any home as it contains a device which heats the water itself. This means that you can have a warm shower even if the water source is cold. These showers are very energy efficient as the water is only heated while it is in use as opposed to being preheated, however the water flow tends to be weaker than the other shower fittings.

Power Shower

These types of showers are ideal for those who have a low pressure system as they contain a built-in pump. These fittings are often used in hotels and spas where multiple showers are likely to be running at the same time. For those who enjoy a powerful, exhilarating shower this fitting is ideal, but might not be suitable for those who are concerned about water consumption in their home.

Digital Shower

This type of shower is every gadget lover’s dream. It contains state of the art technology that allows you to choose exactly what temperature, pressure or volume you want your shower to be. This fitting has a digital temperature control stored within, and can be linked to your shower via an electric cable or wirelessly. This is ideal for families who want to avoid the chance of scalding or those who just want to impress family and friends.

Shower fitting and Installation FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Most shower heads are universal, so if you want to use a specific type of shower head in your bathroom then it will most likely be possible, though we would recommend discussing this during the consultation.

The time taken to fit a shower will vary depending on the type of shower you are fitting, and if all the plumbing needs to be completed for the first time. It could be anywhere between 8 hours and 5 days to fit a new shower, but we will be able to advise on this for your unique circumstances during the consultation. 


After your new fitting has been completed, we’re sure you will be enjoying a hot shower in no time at all. During installation, we will be sure to explain how your new shower fitting works, but If you need help with your new shower fitting after completion, we will be happy to offer advice and guidance from start to finish.